Sawyer Floor Rug - Large 250cm x 350cm


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The Sawyer Floor Rug is a dual-purpose masterpiece designed to infuse any room with comfort and captivation. It boasts an exquisite motif of artistic dots that ripple outward, mimicking the serene, echoing effect of a water droplet upon a still pond. This subtle yet striking pattern engages the eye, drawing in those who enter the space and offering them a moment of tranquility.

Enveloped in an eclectic blend of green and blue hues, the Sawyer Floor Rug evokes the depth and mystery of the ocean's expanse. These cool tones are accented with tasteful highlights of beige and amber, reminiscent of a shoreline kissed by the setting sun. This vibrant color combination not only mesmerizes but also complements a wide spectrum of interior palettes, bringing a splash of color to your decor.

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