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Thiago Chestnut White Woven Fabric 3-Seater Electric Recliner


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The Thiago Chestnut White Woven Fabric 3-Seater Electric Recliner epitomizes the essence of modern furniture design, where comfort meets convenience in a stylish package. This sofa is equipped with an electric reclining mechanism for two of its seats, offering an oasis of relaxation at your fingertips. The available customization of seat angles ensures a tailored comfort experience, adaptable to individual preferences. Additionally, the manual adjustment of the headrests provides an extra layer of personalized support.

The seating is designed with ample padding, assuring a soft yet supportive embrace, perfect for extended periods of lounging, be it during movie marathons or as a tranquil haven from the day's demands. The chestnut white shade of the woven fabric not only exudes warmth and elegance but also contributes to the room's aesthetic with its versatile and sophisticated palette. Moreover, the fabric's texture is chosen with durability in mind, promising a luxurious and sensory experience.

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