Sandringham Clear Glass Console Table - Gold Stainless Steel Legs


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Elevate the glamour and charm of your dining area with the exquisite Sandringham Clear Glass Console Table. This stunning piece of furniture features a gorgeous semi-circular tabletop adorned with rays of gold, creating a captivating visual centrepiece. The striking colour and minimalist design of the console table bring a touch of luxury to the quiet corners of your space. The Sandringham Clear Glass Console Table boasts a high-quality tempered glass table top that not only adds a sleek and modern aesthetic but also provides durability and practicality.

The transparency of the glass allows for seamless integration with your existing decor, allowing the beauty of your enchanting cutlery and other decorative items to shine through. The console table's stainless steel quadpod legs are gorgeously crafted and serve as a testament to exceptional design. With their rings to amplify the luxury, these legs provide sturdy support to the glass table top while adding an extra touch of elegance. The combination of the clear glass and the golden accents creates a harmonious contrast that enhances the overall allure of the Sandringham Clear Glass Console Table.

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